Ow, My Arm: Ergonomic Tips for the WFH Worker

When you spend as much time in front of a computer as I do, little changes can make a big difference to your health and comfort. And suddenly, all that butt-in-chair time is happening in our thrown-together work-from-home setups instead of our “real” desks at work—opening us up to real health risks and, if nothing else, a lot of soreness.

I’ve picked up some layperson’s knowledge over the years, first and foremost because I started to develop some serious pain and was able to fix it. I am not an ergonomic expert and certainly not a doctor, so there’s a good chance I’m getting some of the details wrong.

Potential Problems

A Better Workstation Setup

Proper rotation of wrists along two axes. Source: me and my Sharpie.
Proper typing posture. Source: Ergonomic Trends.

Workstation Components

A whole fancy office setup gets expensive, so be creative and think about the variables. Success exists in the relationship between your feet and the seat of your chair, the seat of your chair and your keyboard, and the seat of your chair and your monitor. You can achieve those relationships in a variety of ways:

Additional Tips



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