“Why do we have three separate meetings to go over the same spreadsheet?” said a colleague a few years back, mid-meeting. He had a point: we had three of the same weekly status meeting, whose purpose in each case was to read through that spreadsheet. Half the attendees were lost…

Collaboration and flexibility are the name of the game

Credit: Heap

Let’s face it: The phrase “enterprise web app” doesn’t exactly conjure visions of usable, attractive software. Visual design isn’t often a priority; given finite resources and paying customers, the choice between the next big feature and improved aesthetics usually comes down in favor of the feature.

That’s true even at…

As a hiring manager, I’ve seen a lot of design portfolios. It’s obvious designers invest time in how they present their work—which makes it all the more tragic that most say very little to distinguish them. If you squint a little, 90% of design portfolios look the same.

Most are a collection of case studies describing, in detail, the process for each project. Which might sound reasonable; but as a hiring manager I know how a design process works. …

Dave Feldman

CEO & Founder at Miter. Former VP Design, Heap. Alum of Google, Facebook, Emu. Product designer, behavioral science enthusiast. Seeking investors, engineers.

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